Chocolate lazy dumplings: How to make?

Chocolate lazy dumplings

Chocolate lazy dumplings; How to make? Chocolate lazy dumplings at home so that they are delicious? Characteristics and techniques of the dish. Rules and possibilities to submit. Step-by-step recipe. Do you want to prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast for the whole family? Then pay attention to this recipe for lazy chocolate dumplings with cottage … Read more

Chocolate-honey muffin: Christmas of the chocolate-honey muffin

Chocolate-honey muffin

Chocolate-honey muffin; How can I make it at home? Give your loved ones a sweet “Christmas” baked with your hands on Christmas Day. And how to do this; read this step-by-step recipe. Beautiful themed cookies in serving – chocolate – honey muffin lovers. They make a great treat and sweet gift for your significant other … Read more

Chocolate jelly in silicone form

Chocolate jelly

Chocolate jelly in silicone molds is a convenient option for creating a delicate dessert. The tradition is prepared and served in glass bowls, mugs, or bowls. In our case, silicone molds are used, which are made of plastic and allow you to easily remove the finished jelly and serve it beautifully on a dessert plate. … Read more