Sour cream and chocolate jelly

Sour cream and chocolate jelly is a delicious and delicate dessert that is quickly prepared and contains natural, cheap, and healthy products, but the set is minimal. The confectionery taste is in no way inferior to industrial cakes and pastries, and maybe even vice versa. It works in many ways. In addition, there are many options for preparing this dessert, so the sweetness will never get bored.

For jelly, you can use sour cream of any fat content. The main thing is that it is not very bad. The fresher the product, the better and tastier the dessert will be. Sugar or powdered sugar is usually added for sweetness but can use honey, jam, or any delicious jam. Use substitutes for diet desserts: natural or artificial. Using granulated sugar leaves the mass for a while to dissolve the granules.

Another must-have product for dessert is gelatin. It is possible to use powder or a sheet. It uses the first option because it is more commercially available and accessible to dose. The recipe for this sour cream jelly is added with chocolate. However, if you want, add more fruits and berries, milk and cottage cheese, nuts, and coconut … For flavor, you can add vanillin, cinnamon, essence, and lemon juice.

Do you want something tasty and sweet but don’t want to turn on the oven to prepare complex desserts? I propose a step-by-step recipe for a simple but delicious jelly made of sour cream and chocolate.

  • Calorie content per 100 g – 237 kcal.
  • Servings – 400 g
  • Cooking time – 15 minutes of active work, plus time for hardening


  • Sour cream – 400 ml
  • Cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons
  • Powdered gelatin – pack 11 g
  • Sugar – 100 g or according to taste
Sour cream and chocolate jelly
Sour cream and chocolate jelly

Step-by-step preparation of sour cream and chocolate jelly recipe

  • Pour the sour cream into a convenient container where you will prepare the dessert. Should cool sour cream, it is better to whip.
  • Add sugar to the sour cream and beat with a mixer at high speed until the volume doubles.
  • Once this is done, boil the gelatin in a bit of water. Read the manufacturer’s packaging for detailed instructions on how to do this.
  • If an instant product is used, then 10 minutes will be enough for swelling. For ordinary gelatin – half an hour. The swollen product is usually heated to dissolve the grains but never boiled.
  • Pour the diluted gelatin into the sour cream jelly and mix again with a mixer.
  • Half a portion of sour cream jelly is poured into a prepared container, preferably a glass. Send the jelly cups to the refrigerator for 20 minutes to freeze slightly.
  • Pour cocoa powder into the remaining jelly.
  • Stir the sour cream jelly with a mixer to distribute the cocoa evenly.
  • Add the chocolate jelly to the bowl with the white jelly and refrigerate the dessert for 1-2 hours. Before serving, you can decorate the sour cream and chocolate jelly with coconut or chopped nuts.


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