Chocolate chips: How to make chocolate chips

Hello again). Today we will talk about this type of decor for cakes and pastries, like chocolate chips, namely, how to make it yourself and what types are.

I want to note that chocolate chips are one of the easiest types of decor, but despite this, a cake decorated in this way will look quite attractive because when you see chocolate on a cake, you immediately want to taste a piece of such a dessert.

I will tell you what types of chocolate chips I use and how I cook them. So, let’s begin.

Chocolate chips

To prepare chocolate chips, we need a blender, with the help of which we will get the crumbs. Chocolate must first beheld a little in the refrigerator, then broken into pieces and chopped in a blender. What happens, in the end is shown in the photo.

And here, a sharp knife will act as our assistant. It would help if you also held the chocolate in the refrigerator for a while, and then, without breaking it into pieces, put it on a cutting board, preferably wooden, and plan it while holding the knife straight, without tilting, as shown in the photo.

Thus, you will get a great decoration for your dessert.

Chocolate swirls

This method is a little more difficult. Here, chocolate does not need to be put in the refrigerator, but on the contrary, put in a warm place, for example, next to the switched-on stove. But don’t overdo it! Fifteen minutes will be enough. It is very good to use this method in the summer. When the room temperature is 25 degrees, the chocolate takes on the consistency we need. It will become more plastic, not break off, and you will get beautiful curls. A knife or vegetable peeler will help us here.

 So, we wrap the chocolate in foil, take it in our hands and lead it towards us with a knife as if we were peeling potatoes. You can also use not only a knife but also a vegetable peeler. With it, you can get excellent chocolate curls.

We have considered several ways to prepare chocolate chips but choosing which one is up to you. You can also use melted chocolate as decor, drawing different patterns on it, but that’s another story we’ll talk about another time. Fantasize! Create! Dare! And you will succeed!


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