Certificate of chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most common and well-known treats. However, it enters the store shelves only if the compliance of chocolate products with safety and quality requirements is confirmed certificate of chocolate.

Sweets belong to the category of food products. Therefore, according to the technical regulations, a declaration procedure must be carried out. Also, the company-seller or manufacturer can obtain a voluntary certificate of conformity for chocolate. A product for which a quality certificate is issued affects the confidence of potential buyers. Another important advantage is access to participation in tenders!

Procedure for a certificate of chocolate

For chocolate products, the mandatory declaration is provided. This means that the applicant provides a sample to prove compliance with the requirements, the goods are checked in the laboratory, and only after that, a permit is issued.

Conducting laboratory tests is an unconditional stage of the procedure for execution. After all, this is the only way to prove the quality of the product and its safety for the consumer. During the check, compliance with the parameters provided for in the technical regulation is established. As a result of the verification work, the experts conclude – they draw up a test report. The protocol is the basis for issuing a declaration of conformity.

The necessary data for establishing quality conformity is also contained in the documentation of the manufacturer or supplier. These include GOSTs and technical conditions. The customer is required to provide the requested papers to the certification authority. In their absence, the employees of our center will develop in the shortest possible time, taking into account the specifics of your production!

After the paper is issued, registration takes place – it is entered into the Unified Register of Compliance Documents, which is in the public domain.

As a rule, the concept of “chocolate” includes most of the processed products of cocoa beans. According to GOST, chocolate is a confectionery product containing at least 18% cocoa butter and 14% dry ingredients obtained from the processing of cocoa beans. There are several varieties of the product:

  • Lactic;
  • No added sugar;
  • Bitter;
  • Dark;
  • White;
  • Porous.

According to the form of the finished product (tile, figurine, candy, weight, etc.), GOST does not impose any requirements. The manufacturer independently designs chocolate products based on the accepted technical conditions.

From the point of view of certification and declaration, the purpose of the finished product is much more important. If the manufacturer positions the product as dietary or for children, a Certificate of State Registration is issued.

Documents for the procedure certificate of chocolate

To draw up a declaration and confirm the usefulness and safety of products, you must provide the following papers to the certification center:

  • Registration and constituent documentation of the company (TIN, OGRN, details);
  • A completed lease agreement or certificate of ownership of the production premises;
  • Product characteristics, GOST or technical specifications, established recipe and other technical papers used in production;
  • Contract with the supplier – when importing.‚Äč

This is not an exhaustive list. A complete list of required papers is determined on an individual basis. You can check this information with our specialist.

The applicant himself chooses the validity period of the document. The declaration for chocolate products can be valid for five years. The minimum possible validity period is one year.


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